About Me

Nicole Ardin
Psychosocial Counsellor IP  in training
Creatrix of the online magazine Sense & Sensitivity

I'm happy to introduce myself!

Personal growth topics have fascinated me since I can remember. My many years of experience in the private sector have also shown me how essential the well-being of employees is for the success of a company, and so I became curious about what makes us generally happy and satisfied. The desire to get to the bottom of this question has not only led me to various schools of psychology and their diverse possibilities over the years, but also to diverse philosophical and holistic systems around the world. 

Today I am lucky enough to be able to share my knowledge with others, to meet many wonderful people and to support them through an emotional time. It is amazing to see how many resources people can develop in challenging situations and how much power they actually have to successfully master personally difficult situations. In order to support my clients in the best possible way, I practice my vocation with a lot of empathy, personal experience and a sound education.

Training and further education


Individual Psychological Counsellor AFI


Accredited Meditation Practitioner & Teacher CTAA


Foundations of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania


8-week MBSR course (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) with Gregor Studer


Member- & Partnership


Quality Standards

As a member in training, I am affiliated with the professional association of the SGfB, which supports me and my work in always maintaining my professional quality. In addition, continuous training, regular super- and intervision as well as self-reflection serve to assure the quality of my work.