Counseling Services

 „And the day came when the risk of remaining in bud became more painful than the risk of blooming.“  ~  Anaïs Nin

Life often presents us with new challenges, and some of them seem like an insurmountable mountain to us. In truth, it is entrenched patterns of thought and action that close our access to this diversity of potential and possible solutions - we find ourselves in a life crisis. The good news is: If we understand the source of our blockages, we can free ourselves from obstacles, fears and negative habits. In my counselings I support you in coping with such crisis and stress situations by finding solutions that are individually tailored to you and your current life situation. In doing so, we (re)activate your resources and build them up in a way for you to successfully use them in your everyday life.

Helps to  ...

  • Recognize stressful patterns of thinking and behavior
  • Find and implement possible solutions and actions
  • Get to the bottom of psychosomatic complaints
  • Successfully implement reorientation
  • Overcome fears
  • Clarify relationship issues
  • Bringing unbalanced areas of life back into balance 


Helps to…

  • Identify personal stressors and recognize patterns that promote stress
  • Find and use opportunities for relief 
  • Develop sustainable regeneration opportunities
  • practice patterns of thinking and acting that promote health
  • Recognize and use own strengths
  • To increase the personal resilience capacity



Consultations can be held in English and German. 


My counselling, coaching and courses are based on individual psychology, positive psychology and mindfulness-based methods. All of these follow a holistic understanding of health and support self-determination, life satisfaction and the well-being of people in general. You can find more details about the methods used on the following page: Methodology & Values